четверг, 15 апреля 2010 г.

AsyncEnumerator Usage Survey for Microsoft's .NET Team

Jeffrey Richter пытается договориться с Microsoft о добавлении его класса AsyncEnumerator (дополнительно можно почитать тут) или чего-то подобного в одну из будущих версий .NET Framework. Сам класс содержится в его библиотеке Power Threading Library (PowerThreading), упрощающей многопоточное и асинхронное программирование.

Команде Microsoft требуется дополнительная информация, для этого пройдите опрос всего из трех вопросов.

Ниже исходный текст обращения.

I have been working with Microsoft in an attempt to add my AsyncEnumerator (or something like it) into a future version of the .NET Framework.

The good folks at Microsoft would like to gather some more information of how all of you actually use the AsyncEnumerator in your own projects.

To that end, I have created a short, 3 question survey which I would like as many of you to answer as possible.

Please take a few minutes out of your day and go here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FTZPD8Y

Please give as much information as you can and feel comfortable with. The more information we get, the better MS and I can accommodate your asynchronous programming needs in a future version of the .NET Framework.

MS (and I) would also love to see some actual code that leverages the AsyncEnumerator. If you feel comfortable sharing some of your source code, please ZIP it up and e-mail it to me directly at this e-mail address: JeffreyR at Wintellect dot com. Please put “AsyncEnumerator Sample Code” in the subject line and do not expect a reply from me. MS and I will review this code in the next couple of weeks to help make decisions for a future version of the .NET Framework.

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